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DealSafe: Business Intelligence for managing all contracts and key documents. DealSafe’s Contract and Document Management platform extracts and manages your key business deal points and terms such as renewal provisions, milestones, insurance requirements, covenants, revenue, bookings, deliverable’s, start dates, end dates, and more. Once the data is extracted, set reminders and alerts so obligations and opportunities are never missed!

Our Story

Jason Dauderman is an accomplished executive who has operated businesses across multiple industries – finance, aviation, education, retail, and automotive. When he was an executive in the equipment leasing industry he found that customers were constantly missing end of term notifications and experiencing auto-renewal clauses. While this was great for the leasing companies, it added frustration and costs to the customers. Later, as CFO of a mid-size company going through a private equity transaction, he experienced the pain of finding, organizing, and extrapolating all the key agreements and contracts for the company required to satisfy the buyers. In 2016 he went looking for a solution to both these problems and met John Fox. John had a similar experience as a General Manager of a division of a large internet publisher. He spent six months calling up vendors, sorting everything out. He discovered some vendors had not been paid in years, others had gone out of business, and various other issues. Sadly the best solution available was a file folder and a shared Google Docs spreadsheet. So in 2015 John created the DealSafe platform and started marketing the solution. After a few conversations and realizing the potential of the solution, Jason purchased DealSafe and became its CEO.

Our Mission

Help companies Centralize, Digitize, Organize and Actively Manage Contracts

Today, companies lose 5-10% of contract value annually through poor contract management and 75% of companies do not have a centralized contract management system in place. This is then amplified by:

  • Scattered data
  • Multiple geographies
  • Employees joining & leaving
  • Change requests & amendments
  • Only 3% of documents are eSigned – cumbersome manual paper process today

Managing Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Service Providers is not an easy task, and is usually under-resourced as the celebration goes to signing the deal (rather than fulfilling your commitments). Managing contracts typically involve manual workflows… workflows that maybe shouldn’t be so manual…

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