Best in Class Contract Management

Contract Management is a core function for any company. DealSafe’s revolutionary platform takes Contract Management to the next level. Following are core functionality for any business to success with Contract Management. How does your organization stack up?

  1. Storage of ALL Contracts– For business risk perspectives, and general partner management, it is important to have all your signed contracts in one place. This may seem like a simple task, but think about how many contracts a business has:
    – Sales contracts
    – Vendor contracts
    – Employment contracts
    – Intellectual property contracts
    – Rent contracts
    – NonDisclosure Agreements (NDAs)
    – Master Services Agreements
    – Statements of Work
    – Web Server Usage
    – Website Content Management System
    – Website Analytics
    – Marketing automation software
    – Financial Software
    – Accountants
    – Lawyers
    – and many more…
    I think overall, it’s pretty clear you can quickly get into a situation of contract-overload.
  2. Track ALL Contracts– You not only need to have the documents in one place, but you need to actively track all the different commitments you need to fulfill and collect on from these contracts. It’s amazing how long you take negotiating contracts and being the details of the terms, then after the contract is signed most people just forget about it. Contract Management is about tracking/managing your contracts diligently. You need to know when you contracts are expiring, when you owe a company deliverables, when a key employee might not be under contract anymore. When your NonDisclosure Agreement ends (but you still may be working with that client).
  3. All Business Processes Start with Contracts– Just think about all the revenue you collect, the hours your employees bill to different clients, the project deliverable dates for the client, the payments you need to make, etc. These all start inside of a contract. Today, you now hand-key everything into Quickbooks to track your finances, into Asana to track your projects, and more. This allows a large opportunity for errors. Contracts should tie into each of these pieces of software directly. That way, when a contract ends, it automatically updates everything else.
  4. Contract Management Software Doesn’t need to be difficult to use– Today many providers of document storage make it too difficult to store and manage your documents. It’s still a very manual process for your employees to use, and it’s tough for you to enforce. We know your employees don’t want to take extra effort to store and manage your contracts.

If you’re found yourself saying “YES” to one or more of these points, it’s time for you to get DealSafe. Get started here!

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