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Multi-Location Business Challenges

Multi-Location businesses have many challenges and may need to transform how they operate.

Success and expansion are great, but if you do not have proper systems in place to manage disparate data, multiple stakeholders, and centralized information you will eventually stumble.

Failure to prepare your business’s systems and communication strategies for geographic expansion can compromise efficiency and performance.

The vast majority of agreements and contracts for multi-location businesses are not internally generated. They do no reside within your systems, are difficult to review and share, and often are not read or disseminated to all stakeholders who need to understand specific terms.

If your is not sure if it needs to implement a system, here are some key concerns it will solve that you should consider: Read more Multi-Location Business Challenges dealsafe read more

Who Knows All the Key Terms in Your Agreements?

I do not like reading contracts and agreements (ok, I do, but most people do not). They are prepared by lawyers and often include arcane language and terms that put me to sleep. But I need to know the important business points that are included, often months or years after the contract was signed.

Perhaps my counsel explained each point to me at the time it was signed or the original template was setup. Has it changed over time, do I remember which deal has old terms vs new terms?

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Employee Turnover

Employee turnover, it is a challenge. Revolving workforces lead to increased training costs, inconsistent production, lost knowledge, poor morale, reduced or limited profits. Long-time employees have a deep history with your company, filled with important information that helps them do their jobs better. However, when these people resign, their knowledge, skills and abilities depart with them, as does the company’s investment to train the workers.

Costs of Employee Turnover

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How much do you spend on Document Retention?

Do you know your costs? Have you ever thought about it?

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, finding a lost document will cost a company $122 on average. It is also estimated that 7.5% of all company documents are lost completely.

How much do you spend keeping your key records safe and secure? Fire proof file cabinets can be thousands of dollars, perhaps $99 for a basic online service, or $10’s of thousands on an integrated IT system that requires consulting and staff to implement and maintain? You do not need to spend lots of money, but a small investment will pay off.

Here are some cost facts for documents:

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