Customer Case Studies: Head of Operations and General Management

DealSafe’s contract and partner management solutions help many customers who are a CEO, COO, Head of Operations, General Manager or other position that manages a large portion of an organization. As part of these roles, you typically have many partners, all with different terms, payments and contract obligations you need to keep straight, such as:

  • Deliverables owed or being received
  • Payments and invoices being sent
  • Tracking when contracts need to be renewed (or ensuring they don’t auto renew without you noticing)
  • When a contract is eligible for its annual price increase or decrease
  • And many more detailed nuances.

This complexity is then multiplied by the many different types of contracts you manage (sales, vendors, technology, employment contracts, leases, etc) and the many different structures of these contracts:

  • 1 year, no auto renew
  • 1 year, auto renew
  • Multi year agreement
  • Multi year agreement with an increasing/decreasing cost structure
  • Part services part license agreements
  • And many more…

Add to this complexity, the many different types of people who can sign a contract and then what happens when these people leave the company and forget to hand the contract over to someone else – you may have legally executed agreements you don’t know about.

DealSafe helps you manage all of these terms seamlessly by automating reminders, tracking when tasks are due and completed, tracking contract owners, reassigning ownership when people leave the organization, and a comprehensive search, tagging and analytics functionality for easy access to the right contracts and the appropriate reporting. DealSafe will automatically take all important terms from a contract and extract them into a structured database for easy tracking and  analysis.

For a bit more detail, here is a sneak peak at how a few of our customers use DealSafe.

Customer 1: E-Commerce Head of Operations

This company is a couple hundred person organization with our lead customer being the Head of Operations. It is this person’s job to ensure that thousands of brand agreements are fulfilled with many different terms: revenue share percentages, return and exchange policies, payment terms, content they can use for marketing materials to feature that brand’s merchandise and many more.

In addition, our client also uses DealSafe to track their lease agreements, employment agreements, technology licenses, amendments and many more agreements. DealSafe has now become a central part of this company’s workflow with all redlined and executed contracts getting emailed into DealSafe.

Customer 2: CEO of a Consulting Firm

This company uses DealSafe to track all of their consulting agreements along with their employment agreements, leases and other documents the company is legally bound to. For their consulting agreements, they try to make them all very templated and make sure they all touch on the same key terms, however, there are many differences between all of these partners and what they are asking the consulting firm to fulfill upon.

Therefore, we are seeing this customer track how their payment schedule changes upon first delivery of the product, and how it changes based on the support structure in the out years of the agreement. They have also agreed to specific contract termination and buy-out clauses to end their partnerships. There are also specific dates deliverables are due and a mix of monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue and Services revenue (one time revenue) that we track for them. They also use DealSafe to track what technology was used or recommended as well as what service level they have guaranteed to the customer. So they have used portions of DealSafe to track Customer Success here as well.

There are many more examples we’re happy to detail and share. Please feel free to reach out via the form below if you have any other questions or would like to schedule a demo consultation.

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