Information Silos in your Organization?

Organizational silos are a problem for large and small businesses alike. When employees do not communicate outside of their silo – or information is limited, everyone in the organization suffers. Organizational silos can be like fortresses within a company and eventually cause serious problems that might not be noticed until the damage is done. Fiefdoms are resistant to change, horde information and make it difficult for others to get access to information they need, and throw up barriers to change and cooperation.

These days, data silos usually occur when people just refuse to share data, for bureaucratic or personal reasons. In one of my former CFO roles I had requested information from the operations group. It was a simple request that should have been completed within a couple days. Instead it took over three weeks and when delivered, they accidently included the email chain showing the back and forth about what to tell me. Funny part was that two days after my request, I walked around the operations department asking questions and got my answer – and it was not what they reported to me weeks later. We need to be better at transparency if we expect to achieve superior results in business.

Whether your organization faces data silos resulting from the “We’ve always done it this way” attitude, internal politics, lack of technology, or laziness, you have no choice but to eradicate such silos so the information is accessible to all who need them. Encourage collaboration, inter-department cooperation, and eliminate the choke points.

Imagine having 24/7 access to key documents, agreements, and business records across all offices, departments, and divisions, multiple ways to contribute new information in seconds, and the ability to run analytics on the embedded data. End the data silos and embrace productivity.

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