Multi-Location Business Challenges

Multi-Location businesses have many challenges and may need to transform how they operate.

Success and expansion are great, but if you do not have proper systems in place to manage disparate data, multiple stakeholders, and centralized information you will eventually stumble.

Failure to prepare your business’s systems and communication strategies for geographic expansion can compromise efficiency and performance.

The vast majority of agreements and contracts for multi-location businesses are not internally generated. They do no reside within your systems, are difficult to review and share, and often are not read or disseminated to all stakeholders who need to understand specific terms.

If your is not sure if it needs to implement a system, here are some key concerns it will solve that you should consider:

  1. Preventing fiefdoms
  2. Automated alerts across hundreds or thousands of contractual terms
  3. Keeping everyone on the same page
  4. Consistency
  5. Searching for Information
  6. Permissions and access to agreements
  7. File Retention
  8. Dashboard view of all important documents

What you get with DealSafe:

  1. Unlimited Users – why limit its use for you Company?
  2. Unlimited Notifications – no term is trivial, don’t miss something!
  3. Unlimited tags – documents belong in multiple “folders”
  4. Customized User Access – share with anyone, you define the roles
  5. Multiple methods to onboard your documents, no excuses!
  6. Self Service of Full Service – you decide if you have the resources to extract key data
  7. Analytics – create tables and charts for easy review, planning, and audits

Give us a call and find out how DealSafe can increase your efficiency!

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