Obligation Tracking


DealSafe makes it easy to track all your obligations. There are two main kinds of obligations:

  1. Renewal Alerts – All contract end dates are automatically tracked and have alerts set. Whether or not there is an auto-renew clause is also monitored. Users are notified before the contract comes up for expiration or before it terminates.
  2. Additional Alerts – All additional terms that are extracted in a contract have the ability to have an alert turned on for them as well. These may be items such as deliverable dates, payment dates, invoices to be sent, or any other custom obligations.

All obligations are tracked in the DealSafe system on the Dashboard, as well as on each Contract page. Users also receive email alerts once an alert falls within the alert timeframe window.

Completion of all alerts is tracked with time/date stamps in the DealSafe platform for your records.

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