Meet our Paralegals


Our paralegals will automate the extraction of all the relevant terms from your contracts. Say goodbye to manual data entry!

This includes any terms that are important to manage in your contract, such as:

  • Start & End Dates
  • Auto-renew details
  • Termination rights
  • Deliverables
  • Revenue
  • Costs
  • Liability Clauses
  • Change of Control Provisions
  • Confidentiality
  • and many more…

We can extract anything from any type of contract.

DealSafe’s tools allow us to provide you very structured data during the extraction process as data consistency is key. This makes the data most usable to you afterwards, and also allows us to automatically set alerts and reminders in the system for any key points during your deals such as:

  • Deliverable dates
  • Renewal Dates
  • Termination dates
  • Payments due (or when you should be receiving payments)
  • Invoices to be sent
  • Customer Success items
  • Any other custom obligations written into your agreements

As long as it’s written in the contract, we can help you track it.

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