Take Control of Your Contractual Rights!

Contracts are the “keys” to your business – whether with customers, vendors, employees or other service providers. Proper care and management of how you store, view, and review your contractual obligations is critical to your business. Contract centralization, security, ease of review, and active alerts are essential elements of contract administration. DealSafe was designed to meet your needs.

Common pitfalls in Contract Administration:

  • Lack of centralization. Contracts are kept individually, by department, in emails, or static files on servers. Employee turnover, re-organizations, and technology upgrades cause contract to be misplaced, lost, and mishandled.
  • Key terms are not extracted for ease of review, or spreadsheets are used to capture key data. When you want to quickly view sales data, renewal dates, or options each contract must be found and reviewed manually.
  • Lack of active notifications. You depend on memory or a static worksheet which must be continually reviewed and updated to make sure that key dates are not missed.
  • “Victim” of Auto-renew and Evergreen clauses

DealSafe’s solution meets these requirements and more:

  • A cloud based repository for all contracts that can be organized by department, type, and stakeholder with permissions for each group. Ease of use – multiple ways to add new contracts: dedicated email address, upload, drag and drop, and integrations with multiple software platforms.
  • You define the key terms you want tracked. You can use our industry standards templates or create your own. Once you define your metrics, let our experts extract the data for you!
  • You define the notifications you want to see – all key terms can have active alerts that get sent via email to all stakeholders.

Letting contracts expire or auto-renew results in missed opportunities, not only to determine the contracts’ value and success, but also to evaluate and maintain your business relationships. When you have hundreds or thousands of contracts to manage, how can you make sure contracts aren’t accidentally forgotten or overlooked?

  • Your Dashboard highlights activity and actions that need to be addressed
    • Recent activity – what contracts were added or amended
    • Alerts for upcoming renewals
    • Alerts for other key terms you defined
  • Our Active Notifications keep you informed, even if you do not log into the system
    • Emails sent to key stakeholders at pre-defined timeframes
    • No more spreadsheets, manual email processes and calendar reminders, which are often overlooked, ignored and prone to error
    • Get notifications not only for the contract, but for the supporting documents as well
  • Save money by taking control of your contracts
    • Receive alerts with enough time to meet obligations
    • Sales renewals
    • Equipment and service contract notification periods
    • Employment and contractor agreements
    • Options, upgrades, opt out clauses, etc.
    • Reduce the cost of contract specialists through automation


Follow these best practices to ensure you are optimizing contract Administration:

  • Establish a central repository for all of your contracts with security and permissioning
  • Define the key terms that are important to your organization and require visibility
  • Setup Alerts for key terms so all obligations and deadlines are met with proper time for review
  • Integrate the administrative process in your organization to increase visibility
  • Audit control so you know who has accessed the information
  • Integrate the process with your systems to make sure all contracts are captured
  • Create templates for all contract types to ensure standardization
  • Customize reports for quick and easy access to information you need

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