Who Knows All the Key Terms in Your Agreements?

I do not like reading contracts and agreements (ok, I do, but most people do not). They are prepared by lawyers and often include arcane language and terms that put me to sleep. But I need to know the important business points that are included, often months or years after the contract was signed.

Perhaps my counsel explained each point to me at the time it was signed or the original template was setup. Has it changed over time, do I remember which deal has old terms vs new terms?

Or more likely this is an agreement I was not involved with when signed. It is from another department or division, acquired during a merger or acquisition, or I was promoted to a new position and my responsibility changed. What if I have an entire file cabinet / file room to review to make sure I am compliant and understand my obligations!?!

What if you had: 

A synopsis / extract of all agreements with one click access to the underlying document
24/7 access from anywhere
The ability to create tables to quickly compare and analyze all agreements
Quickly import all Legacy Agreements and have data auto-extracted for your review

Yes, You Can! Learn more at DealSafe.co

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